Air-to-Water Heat Pumps

At Glynn's we stock the Altherma Daikin Air-to-Water Heat Pump.

The Altherma system by Daikin is highly innovative and efficient due to the added benefit of inverter driven technology.

The Daikin Altherma heat pump is suitable for use in private houses in addition to use in the commercial and or industrial sector. Its relatively non-intrusive installation makes it an easy, acceptable solution for the retro-fit market.

It should be considered alongside the general upgrade of the building fabric's thermal conductivity (reduced U-values) BER also advised.

The inverter technology varies the speed of the compressor, delivering precise heating as required and using less electricity to operate than a conventional heat pump. Conventional heat pumps operate their compressors at a fixed speed and therefore deliver a fixed amount of heat/cooling power. As a result the compressor must continually stop and start to maintain temperature required. However, with the Daikin Altherma unit, the amount of heating required is controlled by weather compensation - this means that the compressor speed will vary depending on the outdoor temperature and required indoor temperature (based on flow temperature).