We stock the Autoway 90 range of Geotextiles.

AUTOWAY 90 WOVEN FABRICS have been designed for use in a variety of civil engineering applications from road works and drainage systems to erosion control projects and have been found to be ideal in areas where poor ground conditions prevail and weak sub-soil is evident.

The AUTOWAY FABRICS are woven from extruded polypropylene tapes with a very low specific gravity, producing a product of regular construction with a high strength to weight ratio.

AUTOWAY FABRICS will not absorb any appreciable amount of moisture and are unaffected by soil alkalinity or soil acidity making them ideal in road and drainage applications. Properly installed AUTOWAY FABRICS will retain their high strength and other properties for many years.

The use of fabric can indirectly reduce construction costs by allowing the use of less expensive materials which may be more readily available locally, thus also reducing transport costs.
Construction work is less affected by adverse weather conditions and should reduce labour and equipment charges. A clean and tidy work area allows more efficient use of materials and manpower and reduces the maintenance cost of plant and machinery.

Autoway Geotextile Fabrics are used in many Area Stabilisation projects by leading construction companies throughout the world:

  • Running Tracks
  • Equestrian Facilities
  • Pipelines
  • Bowling Greens
  • Tennis Courts
  • Golf Course Paths
  • Bunkers and more.
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