Geothermal Heat Pumps

At Glynns we stock the IVT geothermal heat pump.

IVT manufactures superior quality heat pumps for geothermal (ground source) applications - delivering hot water up to 65°C. All heat pumps are from the high-end range of the market, produced by Europe's leading manufacturer, IVT. The heat pumps are available in a number of different output sizes that are suitable in output performance to cater for small and medium sized dwellings but also larger properties and commercial units.


A geothermal heat pump utilises the solar energy stored in the ground at about one metre in depth. A series of collector pipes are buried and filled witha non-toxic liquid that warms up a few degrees by the surrounding ground temperature. When the liquid is returned to the heat pump it increases the temperature of the refrigerant in the heat pump and the heat pump compresses the refrigerant which raises the temperature. The heat that is generated is then used for space heating and domestic hot water.

An average geothermal heat pump installation will require a plot of 250-400 square metres. If you would like advice on this type of heating, please contact us.

  • To download the IVT geothermal pump data sheet, click here.