Coronavirus Update


The best way to minimise the risk of COVID-19 to your friends, families and communities is to stay at home and order remotely. You can order your requirements by email on our website or over the phone and we can arrange collection or delivery.

If possible, avoid taking your children or workmates to the shop. If you are potentially vulnerable, then let us know and we will accommodate you in whatever way we can.

Reduce the frequency of shopping trips. Make a list before you leave the house to ensure a minimum number of trips.

Within Our Store

It is mandatory that you wear a face covering in-store as per government regulation.

The provision of a safe, hygienic shopping environment is of the utmost importance to us in these unprecedented times. Our staff are working resiliently to meet the requirements of the HSE and our customers. Please assist them in this stressful task.

  1. We control entry and exit of customers to limit overcrowding
  2. Use the hand sanitisers provided at the entrance
  3. Please always respect social distancing protocols.
  4. Follow the signs and marking on floors to maintain social distance
  5. Do not handle items unnecessarily within the store. We know that the virus can survive on hard surfaces such as plastic and stainless steel for up to 72 hours.
  6. Our Staff practices social distancing. Please respect this.
  7. Customers are encouraged to use contactless payment rather than cash

You may have to queue outside before gaining access. If other shoppers are closing in on your safe social distancing space, move away or remind them of the requirement in a calm, friendly and polite manner.

Wash your hands immediately when you return home. Only by working together and being patient with one another, can we help our community and our Country get through this.

Our hours of business may change at short notice. See Google or for our opening times.