Worming Strategies

This podcast will be about some worming strategies looking at cattle. A worming strategy is a method that you choose to use to control the worm burden of the cattle in your care.

What are we covering on this 30 minutes video:

1. Dosing, what is the problem: What are the main summer parasites? What is the impact on stock?

2. What is “new” in the parasite world: Emerging issues with wormer resistance.

3. Worming protocols: Controlling worms in a sustainable manner while maintaining good performance and production.

4. Types of worm covered: Ostertagia ostertagi Type I, inhibited Type 2 (abomasum), Cooperia ancophora (small intestine) and,Dictyocaulus viviparus.


Blowfly Control Webinar

Free blowfly control webinar Wednesday 19th May 8.00 PM.

It is that time of year again, lambing is almost complete on farms around the country. Now, consideration must be given to prevention of blowfly in sheep flocks, for the coming summer season.

Elanco would like to help you in this regard. Would you like to know more about:

– the range of products available for blowfly prevention?

– these products work?

– how to apply them correctly?

If so, join the webinar to learn about why the application for blowfly products is so important and how you can be confident in making the most of your medicines. Please register to join the free webinar on “Blowfly control”, with an emphasis on correct application techniques.

To register for the free webinar click here: