1L Presto

1L Presto


Presto is used to optimise plant protection product efficacy of other products.

Professional Use Only: Due to Regulations, a valid Herd/Flock Number or Professional Use Number must be provided for the purchase of pesticides, rodenticides, or herbicides. Please enter your Herd/Flock Number/Professional Use Number on the checkout page under order notes.

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A spreader, humectant and uptake agent for use with herbicides and fungicides to improve leaf coverage and foliar uptake.

Presto works by lowering the surface tension of the spray solution giving significantly improved coverage and humectancy on the leaf.

Alkyl polyglucoside aids penetration of the wax cuticle and helps open the stomatal pores leading to greater efficacy and uptake of the pesticide.

A superior , nonionic wetting agent, designed for water based pesticide applications in horticulture, industrial turf and forestry operations. It is designed for fast spreading, uniform distribution, and absorption of spray on leaf and stem surfaces.  May be used with most pesticides and fertilizer products.

Ideal broad leaf and rush weedkiller partner (adjuvant) for increasing wettability i.e. spread uniformly on the weed leaf. Especially suited for use with Morton and most effective on rush. Presto can be used with all broad leaf herbicides. Eg: with mortox for ragwort control. Contains a natural biodegradable waterproofing polymer. Shower proof when spray is touch dry. Rain fast approximately 30 minutes after spray has dried, sunlight is required during this period for the polymer to set.

Application rate: 200ml per/ha (1 litre pack treats 10 acres).


Wetter: Improved deposition of spray – fast spreading and uniform distribution.

Sticker: Increases the retention time on the leaf.

Penetrant: Optimises penetration of leaf thanks to the adjustable component EAC.

Rainproofer: Makes the herbicide rain fast quicker.

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