Cubicle Mat

Cubicle Mat


Durapak Cubicle Mats are made from Ethyl-Vinyl-Acetate (EVA) which is a non-porous polymer providing a soft, warm, comfortable cubicle mat for all livestock including cows, weanlings, pigs and horses. Size: 1.83m x 1.15m x 25mm

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Main Features
– EVA type mats
– Two sided pattern
– Range of sizes and thicknesses
– Non absorbent
– Non slip
– No fillers

Main Benefits

– Higher Occupancy
– Soft, Warm & Comfortable
Using modern computerised equipment Durapak Mats are manufactured using EVA compounds which are blown to produce a mat which is soft, warm and has outstanding comfort characteristics.
– Flexibility to ‘turn’ mats
Allows flexibility in ‘facing’ either side of the mat upwards. ‘Turning’ mats extends the lifetime of the mat and the two-sided pattern allows for this flexibility while still maintaining the non-slip characteristics.
– Thicker mats lead to increased comfort
– Increased Yields & reduced veterinary costs
When livestock are warm and comfortable they perform better. With the cushioned effect of the Durapak Mats, you will find a reduction in solar ulcers resulting in a drop of veterinary bills.

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