Eagle 120GRMS

Eagle 120GRMS


Agricultural herbicide for the control of cleavers and other annual broad-leaved weeds in wheat, barley, oats, rye, triticale, durum wheat, linseed, and for the control of docks in grassland.

This Product is for Professional Use Only: Due to Regulations, a valid Herd/Flock Number or Professional Use Number must be provided for the purchase of pesticides, rodenticides or herbicides. Please enter your Herd/Flock Number/Professional Use Number on the checkout page under order notes.

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Do not apply to cereal crops undersown or due to be undersown with clover or alfalfa.
DO NOT roll or harrow within one week of spraying.
DO NOT spray crops under stress, suffering drought, waterlogged, grazed(cereals), lacking nutrients or if the soil is compacted.
DO NOT spray if frost is expected. If the leaves are wet or covered with ice, run off may occur.
Broadcast crops should be sprayed post-emergence after the plants have a well-established root system and all other conditions on the label and leaflet are met.
Eagle is rainfast after one hour.

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