Envy 3 Litre

Envy 3 Litre


Weed Control Solution in Established Pastures, Horse or Pony Paddocks and New Sown Leys

This Product is for Professional Use Only: Due to Regulations, a valid Herd/Flock Number or Professional Use Number must be provided for the purchase of pesticides, rodenticides or herbicides. Please enter your Herd/Flock Number/Professional Use Number on the checkout page under order notes.

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A broad-spectrum herbicide for the control of buttercups, dandelions, daisy’s, plantains and docks in grassland.

It is translocated deep into the roots ensuring a lasting level of control.

It is ideal for use where horses and ponies graze. It is also very safe for the grass and fast-acting. Stock withdrawal period is just 7 days.

Envy can be used on new sown leys at 1.5lt/ha to control a wide range of weeds including chickweed and docks.

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