Marker Dye (blue) 1LT

Marker Dye (blue) 1LT


Blu-Mark is a ready to use blue dye to be used when spraying weed killer as an indicator to where weed killer has been sprayed. Once sprayed, Blue-Mark will last for one to two days before breaking down naturally in rainfall or sunlight.

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Blu-Mark is used to mark where you have sprayed and this is important for two reasons, first of all, it will show any parts that have been missed whilst spraying to guarantee total coverage, and secondly because everywhere is marked it will avoid overlapping and doing the same area twice which leads to a waste of weed killer.

Reduction of drift: Blu-Mark will significantly reduce (but not eliminate) spray drift.

Advantages of using Blu-Markdye.

Avoid overlapping and re-spraying an area twice

Easily see missed areas

Naturally breaks down in sunlight or rainfall

Greatly reduces spray drift

Directions for using Blu-Mark

When using with a mounted boom sprayer Blu-Mark should be mixed at a rate of 100ml to 250ml per 100 litres of spray. When being used with a knapsack sprayer it should be mixed at a rate of 20ml per 10 litres of spray.

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