Potato Blight Control 100ml

Potato Blight Control 100ml


Bayer Potato Blight Control 100ml, controls against late foliar and tuber blight in potatoes

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Bayer Potato Blight Fungicide control protects against potato blight. Containing two active ingredients which work both on the surface of the plant and deep down in plant tissue. This gives consistent and long lasting protection to all parts of the plant and treats up to 625sqm with both contact and systemic modes of action. It is rain fast after 1 hour and can survive adverse weather conditions. This fungicide works to kills the blight spores and should be applied before disease attacks. It will give long lasting and consistent action against fungal attack. With all plant protection sprays the proper personal protective equipment should be worn. Store in a cool dry place and keep out of reach of children and pets.

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