Rhino Silo Bags

Rhino Silo Bags


Provide maximum protection for the edges of pits. Free delivery with code “RHINO” if you buy 50 or more.

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By placing the silo bags every 5 meters crossways, the silage protection cover is fixed, and extra weighting is obtained. The bags fix each other in place by means of supporting sleeves. Tyres do not provide an air tight positioning because of their circular shape.

On the contrary, silo bags are flexible and can be positioned in straight lines unlike tyres, which lure small rodents and vermin, and might have metal pieces that could damage the plastic film. Silo bags keep your silage and cover clean and free of any contaminants.


  • Micro-meshed monofil yarns, highest resistance to rough handling.
  • Ultra-modern weaving technology
  • Extreme tear proof – woven with extreme strength: both in weft and in warp directions
  • Resistant to acids and chemicals, rot-proof and fungus-free
  • Long lifespan, UV stability of up to 10 years
  • The tie cord ensures an easy and fast binding!
  • Handholds facilitate easy lifting


  • Use shore gravel to fill
  • Use a 45 degree single collar bend on the end of a sewer pipe to scoop the gravel into the Silo Bag
  • Alternatively, cut the top of a cone and shovel the gravel into the Silo Ba

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