Thistlex 1 Litre

Thistlex 1 Litre


Thistlex Provides Excellent control of thistles in grazing, silage fields and hay meadows and grazed pastures.

This Product is for Professional Use Only: Due to Regulations, a valid Herd/Flock Number or Professional Use Number must be provided for the purchase of pesticides, rodenticides or herbicides. Please enter your Herd/Flock Number/Professional Use Number on the checkout page under order notes.

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Thistlex is a very effective translocated product giving excellent root kill of both creeping and spear thistle.

Up 85% control 12m months after application is often achieved. Apply at 1.0lt/ha in 200lt water per hectare. It also has activity on common nettle and dandelion.
Thistlex does not hold back grass growth after application.

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