X-Change 5 LT Water Conditioner

X-Change 5 LT Water Conditioner


X-Change can be used with all pesticide sprays on all crops, at all timings, where water conditioning or pH adjustment is required

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X-Change is recommended with e.g. the following products/product groups :

• All approved formulations of glyphosate.
• All approved uses of ‘dim’ and ‘SU’ herbicides.
• All approved uses of organophosphorus insecticides and pyrethroids.
• Salt formulations of phenoxy acid herbicides.
• Regalis and Canopy (follow the BASF recommendations).
• Atlantis WG and Pacifica (follow the Bayer recommendations).

To know more about X-Change click on the link bellow

[download id=”1304″ template=”X-Change Safety Data Sheet”]

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